Day X / full series

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Day X is a series of 5 publications, each featuring a one-day collaboration between a writer and a photographer working in Europe.
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Day X / Lapse rate by Pedro Guimarães and Miguel Clara Vasconcelos, – a Journey through Portugal and Spain meditating on death and flying.

Day X / Screen by Nikolas Ventourakis and theodoros Chiotis – a sleepless 24 h perambulation through Athens.

Day X / Westerngrund by Laura Braun and Marie Gamillschegg – Westerngrund, Unterfranken, Germany, – a search for the middle and it’s meaning.

Day X / This thing I want I know not what by Enda Bowe and Bryony Miller – Over a sweltering day and night in London Bryony and Enda let us dive into the experience of a fictional young woman in search of something…

Day X / I saw the pines grow by Ana Zibelnik and Jaka Gercar – a day walking though the slovenian Karst in conversation with writer and philosopher Marco Ursic.