Day X / I saw the pines grow


Ana Zibelnik and Jaka Gerčar

15 x 20 cm
36 pages, 23 black and white plates, 13 text pages
double spine
Hp Indigo print
Edition 150, numbered

Poster 30x40cm, edition of 50

Day X is a series of 5 publications, each featuring a one-day collaboration between a writer and a photographer working in Europe.

For “I saw the pines grow” the Slovenian team of photographer Ana Zibelnik and author Jaka Gerčar spent a day in the summer of 2019 walking through the Karst, the remote and rocky region at the borders of Slovenia and Italy. Guided by and in conversation with the philosopher and writer Marko Uršič they touch upon themes such as time and metaphysics and their relationship to the act of walking and to landscape.