Day X / Screen


20 EUR

Nikolas Ventourakis and Theodoros Chiotis, 2017

15 x 20 cm
44 pages, 21 colour plates, 20 text pages
double spine
Hp Indigo print
Edition 150, numbered

Poster 30x40cm, Edition of 50.

Day X is a series of 5 publications, each featuring a one-day collaboration between a writer and a photographer working in Europe.

Book number two in our Day X series is “Screen” by photographer Nikolas Ventourakis and poet Theodoros Chiotis. 
Nikolas’ searching photographs and Theodoros’ haunting poetry emerged from a sleepless perambulation for one day and it’s night through Athens, a city redolent of a powerful history and marked by the predicaments of the present. A 24 hour transport ticket for the Athens public transport network provided the frame.